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LTmail is a modern email service. Keep it simple with a single mailbox, or invoke optional features like advanced filtering and sub-addresses to make your email as sophisticated as it needs to be.

Ironically, getting an account requires sending us an email: contact if you would like to use the service.


A rich mailbox

Security first

Technical extras

Bring your own domain

If you own a domain and want to have email addresses on it, I can host it for you — and you can get all the above features as standard. The service is identical to that received by addresses.

You'll also get access to these additional features:

Coming soon: a web interface to let you manage all these features. For the time being, changes are done manually on request by me.

Authenticated SMTP relay service

For systems that don't need mailboxes (e.g. a server), but just need to send email, we have a mail sending service that isn't tied to a mailbox, but still offers all the relevant features above (e.g. DKIM signing).

This is ideal for servers located in restricted network environments where port 25 is blocked — you can get a username and password for your machines to use our secure relay service instead.

Like all communications with our mail system, the relay service enforces TLS encryption, and sensible rate-limiting is applied to ensure that no one relay user can go mad and abuse the service.